Hello World – Launch of Perk Lab

Founded in Baltimore, MD by a female founder and her husband. Perk Lab is a Woman Owned Business (WOB). The Perk Lab team has over a decade of startup experience, and 20 years dealing with general accounting (payroll, ap/ar, benefits and perks) for small businesses, fortune 500 companies, DOD contractors, and non profits. As the founding team, there’s nothing that keeps us up at night more than thinking about how we can deliver more value to our users. Please reach out to us if you have any comments, questions, complaints, and/or complements. We welcome your feedback!

Perk Lab is a membership site that lets the people and businesses in under served markets (entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, & non profits) access perks and group buying discounts programs. Targeting specific deals, discounts, and perks that each group would covet. We feel we can collect a large number of targeted perks for our members. The idea is we take a large group of individuals in an access restricted environment and we create closed groups that allow our groups to have an increased pool of buying power for $8 per month per member.

Brands/Products love us because our platform is a closed environment, so only member can access the discounts and perks. It’s free for brands to offer discounts. Some brands love us so much they offer affiliate revenues per transaction. We have well defined channels for growth, and we are looking forward to growing with our members.

We were intent on starting a company (Perk Lab), and we came across a really startling fact: something like only 15 percent of employees are happy going to work every day. We are aware that big public companies have access to perk programs but most small & medium size businesses and nonprofits do not. So, we thought launching a perks program was a great way to start to address the employee happiness challenge. With 85% of employees who are not happy going to work every day, and a lack of perks programs for small & medium sized businesses, startups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. We feel we have a wide open market to capitalize. Increasing happiness and wellness not only will keep employees more productive, it will also increase employee retention.

Jennifer & Matthew Eierman

Jennifer Eierman

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Corgi Lover,
Grew up in Detroit, MI.

Matthew Eierman

Chief Technology Officer

Trained Chef,
Serial Entrepreneur,
Baltimore Native